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Environmental, Social and Governance

As a public company, we recognize that we have a responsibility to not only deliver quality products and services to our customers and value to our shareholders, but to do so in a way which upholds the highest of Environmental, Social, Sustainability, and Governance values. In furtherance of this responsibility, we are committed to (i) creating a culture in which personal accountability, integrity, and transparency are prioritized, both in our workplace and in our relationships with outside parties; (ii) maintaining a corporate governance framework which incorporates best practices; (iii) helping to sustain and protect the environment through responsible business practices; and (iv) improving the communities in which we operate.

We understand that adherence to these ever-evolving principles and practices is critical in order to maintain public trust and confidence in our company, and we take pride in meeting – and exceeding - the ESG expectations of our stakeholders.


“Our mission at A-Mark is to be responsible stewards of our investors’ capital and the environment. These principles are straightforward, fundamental and at the core of every decision we make.” -Thor Gjerdrum, President, A-Mark Precious Metals.

Current ESG Initiatives
November 2021 – Carbon Neutrality Program

Climate & Environmental Information
To learn more about carbon neutrality and global climate initiatives, please visit the below websites:

In November 2021, we launched a carbon-neutrality program in partnership with the Prax Group to offset greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) across A-Mark’s businesses, with mitigation efforts primarily focused on the purchase of sustainability/decarbonization offsets, referred to as Verified Emission Reductions, (VER). With the current carbon offsets in place, A-Mark’s A-M Global Logistics subsidiary, which represents substantially all of A-Mark’s carbon footprint, can now be considered 100% carbon-neutral.

Our commitment to make our operations 100% carbon-neutral through the utilization of VER is a ground-breaking initiative for A-Mark, and one that we believe sets it apart from other precious metals providers.

We rely heavily on third parties for the distribution of our products. Because of our commitment to partnering only with companies whose values align with ours, we continually monitor these companies to ensure that they adhere to the most responsible and sustainable social and environmental practices. Please visit their ESG pages to learn more.

Brinks Loomis UPS USPS FedEx Landsberg

All of the products supplied to Silver Towne Mint are sourced through refiners that are LBMA and COMEX certified, the two most recognized and trusted certifications for responsible sourcing and purity standards within the industry.

We assess the environmental, sustainability, and social practices of our suppliers on a regular basis, focusing on key factors such as climate impact, working conditions, and anti-corruption policies. A few of our valuable partners are listed below. Visit their ESG pages for more information about their specific practices.

U.S. Mint U.S. Department of the Treasury Royal Canadian Mint


Employees - Our Most valuable Asset

The efforts and expertise of our team members form the foundation upon which our company is built. We strive to create a relationship-based and collaborative work environment and place the health and safety of our employees above all else. We are a fair and equal opportunity employer and seek equity and diversity at all levels.


All successful organizations have a responsibility to elevate the local communities in which they operate. On an on-going basis, A-Mark supports a variety of community-based causes, including those devoted to mitigating food insecurity and closing the opportunity divide.


We maintain corporate governance policies which incorporate best practices in order to benefit the interests of all stakeholders. We believe that a corporation’s culture is set by the “Tone at the Top”, and the starting point for our corporate governance program is our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for our Board of Directors. We have similar codes in place for our Senior Financial Officers and our employees in general. Each of these codes reflects our view that the key elements of an effective corporate governance program are accountability, transparency, fairness, and responsibility.

Our Board composition reflects our commitment to diversity. We have two women directors, and one director who is from an under-represented community.

The Chairman of our Board is independent, and we have a majority of independent directors who meet regularly in executive session. Independent directors chair the Board’s Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committees. In total, seven of our nine directors are independent.

Below are links for more information about our Board of Directors and our corporate governance policies:

Board code of ethics Corporate Governance Board of Directors Board Committee Membership

We have a robust Anti-Money Laundering program in place which includes policies, procedures and internal controls; designation of a compliance offer; on-going education and training of employees; and independent testing.

A-Mark takes great care to protect the privacy of protected information collected from our customers, employees and website visitors. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance with all applicable data privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act and General Data Protection Regulation. We also have a designated privacy officer and conduct employee training on privacy issues on a regular basis.

You can read our full privacy policy here: A-Mark Privacy Policy.